The Story Behind thinXcool


As homeschooling parents, my wife and I had a hard time finding engaging curriculum with all of the subjects we needed. Having a background in writing for the arts, I developed our own quirky curriculum. After several reviewers from our school system asked where I'd found my kids' homeschool curriculum, I decided to start thinXcool. They seemed to find it compelling and funny, so I assembled a focus group of parents. The response was extremely encouraging.

I have taught various age groups, some of it through a Federal Positive Youth Initiative grant. I've also been fortunate enough to win some Individual Artist Awards for both playwriting and fiction in my home state of Maryland. There is nothing more fulfilling than teaching, except perhaps learning.

The goals at thinXcool are: 1. to teach kids to feel engaged in the learning process, grasp the purpose of what they're learning, possibly even enjoy it and 2. make parents' lives easier by providing a reasonably priced curriculum that covers most subjects.

--John Becker, founder