After you've downloaded the Language Arts section, you will find several parts where it's your turn to write a short poem. Both the High School and Middle School sections have this, so either one will do. After you've set quill to parchment and dazzled the world, please send it to us for consideration in our poetry contest. Just give it your best shot! We'd love to read your work! Whether you want to write songs, be a novelist, or even an interior designer or car mechanic, developing the ability to communicate in a memorable way is almost certainly going to help you. So send in your stuff! We will be happy to read it! Winners will receive a certificate commemorating their triumph, along with an excellent accolade for all future endeavors!

Poetry from the Language Arts Curriculum

Please send up to three poems per person as a doc or pdf file to:


Particularly if you homeschool, it's not always easy to gather independent accolades, so we'd like to correct that.