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How It Works

Is This Self-Directed Curriculum?

Click on the subjects that interest you. Your student (or students) will have access to a world of learning, and you will be able to check off another box of your student's needs. Once you download the curriculum, you will have the option of approaching the material as self-directed or you can learn with your student. 

Is This Standard Curriculum?

Many years of teaching have shown us that dry curriculum can crush a child's love of learning. Kids of any age are naturally curious, so we at thinXcool aim to engage that curiosity without sacrificing quality. For example, the history sections help the student to learn about their own history and how they and their ancestors fit into the bigger picture. We want them to experiment like Gallileo and understand how DaVinci approached art. So the short answer is no, this is not standard curriculum, but it is challenging and fun.

Our emphasis is on learning material that will help your student throughout life, such as how math applies to financial security or how to be as physically and emotionally healthy as possible.  


How Will This Make My Life Easier?
We certainly hope this will make your life as a parent much easier. The high school sections combined are 166 pages and the middle school sections are 137 pages. Your child is prompted to be actively engaged throughout, and the tone is fun and intelligent. Also, you and your child will have everything you need to save and share your work!

Each high school subject is worth half a credit, based partially on the Carnegie definition but also on mastery of content and completing objectives.

Take Free Tests with Results!

Be sure to take the free tests. The curriculum is not designed so that students will do well on the tests. The tests are there to help retain the learning and aid in gauging how the student is doing. They're based on the material in the curriculum. The tests will be periodically switched to reflect various subjects, so students can revisit the site frequently.



Hold onto your stylish hats, because thinXcool willl be holding contests! There will be contests for best short story, best poem, best science experiment, best art work and more! The first official contest will be based on the Language Arts sections for best poem! Please download either of the Language Arts sections so you can send us your work from them. There will be one winner from high school and one from middle school. Please send your entries to